History of ST. XAVIER’S

St. Xavier’s School, Surat, was established in 1963 under the pioneering genius of the Jesuit fathers. Fr. Valentine de Souza, SJ, a visionary was responsible for its establishment at Ishwar Bhavan Church, Nanpura, on the banks of the river, Tapi. Rev. Fr. J. More, another dynamic principal further built upon the good work of the founding principal and by 1970-71, established itself as the leading school of Surat.

St. Xavier’s in the present modern times, is a name to reckon with in the education sector. The name and establishment of St. Xavier’s serves as a benchmark for gauging the quality of other schools in Surat and in the neighbouring places. Over the years under the dedicated and able stepwardship of the Jesuit fathers, the school has produced men of character and discipline, who are ready to fight for God and country. The school has transformed boys and girls into men and women of knowledge, responsibility and integrity.

From the founding fathers to the present incumbent, Rev. Fr. James, SJ, there have been many other dedicated principals who have always uplifted and maintained the high standards of the school that are synonymous with its name. They are : Rev. Fr. L. Arza, SJ, Rev. Fr. Colon, SJ, Rev. Fr. Azcoitia, SJ, Rev. Fr. Coutinho, SJ, Rev. Fr. Ovelil, SJ, Rev. Fr. John Kappa, SJ, Rev. Fr. Royston Fernandes, SJ and Rev. Fr. Charles, SJ. They all served with humility and dignity with a spirit of selfless service. In 2013, the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee in which the Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was the chief guest.

St. Xavier’s School has very deeply influenced the academic, cultural, social and moral fibre of the society of Surat. It adds to the ethos of the city of Surat. It is largely due to the management, the teachers, students, TEXAS (Alumni Association), Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and the people of Surat who have patronized the school to an unprecedented level.