The Ex-Xavierites Association – Surat : TEXAS

“Born for greater heights”

The Ex-Xavierites Association – Surat is referred as TEXAS in short. The TEXAS has its office as St. Xavier’s High School, Ghod-dod Road, Surat – 395001.

Vision :

A true Xavierite is the person for others.  We uphold the spirit of serving our alma mater and a sense of responsibility towards the society.

Aims and Objectives :

  1. To bring about a better co-operation and co-ordination amongst the past students of the St. Xavier’s High School, Surat.
  2. To develop social awareness, a generous spirit of service and awareness of the social conditions around us and society at large.
  3. To provide social help and relief to the needy.
  4. To promote personal and free relations amongst the members of the TEXAS and to hold meetings for socially useful and productive work for the school and TEXAS in general.
  5. To collect, publish and distribute such information as may prove useful to the present student of the school and also to the members of the TEXAS.
  6. To find scholarships for the poor and deserving students.
  7. To guide and help the members in procuring and securing employment.
  8. To promote various sports, cultural as well as social activities.
  9. To help the school in any area as and when needed and to be part of the Xavier’s Spirit.
  10. To live up to the motto “A Xavierite is a person for others”.
  11. To maximize the number of members    

Activities :

TEXAS helps and supports all school activities such as Teacher’s Day, Sports Day, Annual Day etc.  TEXAS participates in school events with the Xavier family and also uses the platform for social service for the greater good of the society by helping the underprivileged by conducting medical camps, donating computers, books, stationery hampers, even setting up a library etc.  TEXAS also encourages and helps other schools to establish such alumina.